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  • ‘In store’ for Holidays?

    Around our house, the few weeks leading up to Christmas and the new year mean serious cleaning because ‘company’ will be coming over and dust bunnies do not make for good seasonal décor. illustration of dust bunny, getting rid of dusty bunniesThis year added the arrival of my first grandbaby so in addition to a good cleaning, I needed to make space for baby accessories. The yearly ritual changes only in the specific items that must continue on their inevitable journey to the junk pile but are still a little too ‘new’ for that end just yet.  For those items that are in their twilight years, it’s to the attic or garage!

    For those that lack an attic or garage , self-storage is an excellent alternative. It frees up valuable space in your home and allows you to hold on to those items you cherish and aren’t quite ready to let go of. Storage ‘units’ are a relatively inexpensive way to make space in your home for living.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family at One and Done to yours!  Image result for christmas clip art