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  • Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Home

    Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Home


    The robins have returned and the buds are bursting through their winter shells. The bright sunshine and warmer weather turns most of our thoughts to opening windows to let the stale winter air out and to freshen up our homes for the coming summer. Spring cleaning can be easy if you go about it with the right attitude and the correct tools. Enjoy these tips to have your home as fresh as the spring air in no time. This is a great time for considering renting a self storage unit to help you get organized.

     We all hang onto clothes a lot longer than necessary. Clean your closet by pulling spring clothing to the front and moving fall and winter clothing to the back. As you do this, hang them with the hangers backwards. As you wear an item, go ahead and put it back the correct way. At the end of the season, donate or discard any spring and summer clothing still hanging backwards. Do the same with fall and winter clothing. Self storage units are a great way to keep your extra clothes clean and dry for the next season.

     Use different brooms for inside and outside. The inside floors will stay in better condition by using one of the softer nylon brooms. Outdoors and in the garage, however, you will want to use a stiffer bristle to withstand the concrete.

     Windows can be sparkling clean with white vinegar and newspaper. The vinegar kills odors such as cigarette smoke and the smell disappears once it dries. Put some in a spray bottle and squirt the windows then use old newspaper to clean it off. The newspaper will not leave lint and streaks behind as some paper towels will.

     Once the entry ways are clean from the snow and ice of the winter, place mats by the door to catch any mud that comes in. Set up a couple bins here also, one for things like wet umbrellas and another for things that need to be remembered when you go out. By having a designated place for these things, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting something or not being able to find your keys and such at the last minute.

     Clean or replace all air conditioner vents. By spraying them lightly with a pleasant air freshener, your home will be freshened each time you turn them on. For fans, take them apart and use the same white vinegar solution you used for the windows to clean the blades. Spray the center motors with canned air to clean off any dust. Once you have reassembled the fan, a car air freshener that normally attaches to the car air vent can be hooked onto the fan so the aroma spreads throughout your home.

     Freshen up the bathroom my wiping down the walls. Instead of replacing your shower curtain, you can make it fresh as new by putting it and a couple of towels in the washer. The towels will help scrub away any mold or mildew that has accumulated.

     Keep your garage open and organized by only keeping spring and summer tools in it. The snow blower, shovels and any winter sports equipment can be safely kept in a self storage unit and in the fall, simply replace them with the summer gardening a lawn items. This helps give you room in the garage and makes it less likely that you need to buy duplicates of items that are hidden behind or under something. It also prevents accidental scratches and dents in your car created from falling objects and lack of navigation room. Use plant hooks on the walls of the garage to store tools and things like rakes and hedge trimmers.

    Now enjoy the spring breeze and celebrate your accomplishment.


    • Thanks to Guardian Self Storage for the great tips!