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  • How to Set Up Your Account To Pay Online

    From the Homepage, click on ‘Pay Your Bill‘.

    To register the 1st time, click on the arrow to drop down the menu and select ‘I’m already renting but need to register my account online’.

    You will need to complete the information on the next page. The information must match that on your account. This is where you will create your password. (If you ask us to set up your account for you, we will use your gate code as your password – you can always change that later). Click ‘Create’

    If you registered correctly, you will get the opportunity to review your entries for accuracy. Click ‘Continue‘.

    In order to ‘renew’ your lease, you must ‘add’ a month. Click on the arrow to drop down the menu and click on ‘1’ to add 1 month (you can add more than 1 month). You will also need to click the little box next to your unit number to confirm this is the unit you want to pay. Click ‘Continue‘.

    This is where you will enter your payment information. You also have the option to select ‘Autopay’ if you want to us to automatically charge your credit card each moth. Click ‘Continue‘.

    You will be instructed to review the information. If everything is correct, click ‘Submit‘, and you’re done!