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    Self Storage Unit Reservations | Louisville, KY

    Even though the busy rush of the holiday season is over, the new year often brings new challenges to hustle through. For some, the new year can mean a new job, more responsibilities and errands, and just less time during the day overall. With this in mind, finding time to declutter your home can be a challenge.

    The ability to reserve a storage unit online from your smartphone, tablet, or computer solves this problem. The process of selecting your unit and checking out takes 10 minutes or less, which means you’ll have more time to actually place your belongings in your unit and get organized. Web self storage reservations offer convenience, flexibility, and online payments.

    1. Convenience

    Convenience is the one of the best benefits of online self storage unit reservations. You can view various unit sizes, features, unit location, pricing, and unit images all online from any device and make your storage unit reservation right away. You can make your storage reservation 24/7 from your computer or mobile device. Whether you’re looking for a small unit that can fit the belongings in your closet or a storage space large enough to hold a whole household of items, there are many different unit sizes to choose from online.

    Features such as climate control, door type (IE: a roll-up door), and other details are displayed next to the unit to help you make the right decision. Information about the unit’s location, like whether it is located inside a building or outside, can affect your self storage choice. You may feel more secure having your belongings inside a building versus outside. Climate controlled storage units as more likely to be located indoors.

    2. Flexibility

    Online rentals also offer unparalleled flexibility for residential and commercial tenants. Short term storage and month to month rentals allow you to use self storage only when you need. If you need a self storage unit for just a month, you have that option. If you decide that you need the unit for a longer period of time, you can easily extend your lease to fit your needs.

    3. Online Payments

    Reserving a unit is just like shopping for clothes, shoes, or anything else online! After selecting your unit, you can create an account, enter your contact information, type in your payment details (such as a credit card), and submit your online reservation. With self storage unit reservations, the tenant will need to visit the facility office during business hours to complete the rental agreement and be able to move into their unit. Auto-Pay is available so you never miss a storage rental payment! Just give us a call and we can help you set up Auto-Pay today!

    Louisville, KY Self Storage Unit Reservations

    One and Done Self Storage, at 6500 Jefferson Blvd. Louisville, KY 40219, offers climate controlled, standard, and vehicle storage for residents and businesses. Convenient online storage reservations are available directly from our website. Please view the Units Available page to see our inventory of units and reserve your unit today! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.