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  • How to Make a Productive Home Office Space

    Working remotely or even working at home some days during the week is an uprising trend of 2017 and 2018. This calls for a neat and tidy working space where you can be the most productive and have minimal distractions. Research has shown that having clutter in your home and specifically your office increases distraction and stress in your life. There is something to be said about the “Out of sight, out of mind” concept. Get less “stuff” in your space and focus on what you really need to focus on during the work day.


    Get Organized Using File Storage

    Consistent office organization is difficult to maintain. Papers, files, folders, and forms are constantly taking up space on your desk. We all try to make a neat pile of all our papers, but before you know it that pile is getting close to 24 inches tall. You probably aren’t realizing that this is extra clutter on your desk space and that pile of papers is something for your mind to trail off to. Your solution is to get these papers organized into a file storage space outside of your home. Surely you have plenty of papers that you don’t need daily access to. By using file storage, you get the papers away from your office space and keep them organized for future use. Cleaning out the papers will clean out your mind, decrease stress, and increase your drive and productivity.


    Storage Helps to Redesign Your Office Atmosphere

    Your office atmosphere significantly correlates with your your wellness and mental health. Consider taking a look at your work space and dial into how you fell in this space; you may want to consider restarting your design. It is found that people are more productive in a wide open space. Your office furniture could be an issue here. Move your current furniture into a space and try a new desk and chair into this space. Our storage units our climate-controlled, so you can be rest assured that your furniture will stay in tip-top condition. Stick with simple colors for your furniture rather than crazy colors like yellow or blue.


    Try out a New Color

    The color of your office is yet another contributing factor when it comes to your office atmosphere. Ever heard of the psychology of color? Consider moving everything out of your office. One and Done can help you with short term storage while you are painting this room to avoid making more clutter in other areas of your home. Blue tends to manifest efficient work days while brown tends to result in laziness. Who knows, you may even want to use color psychology all over your home!


    Store Away the Distractions!

    In our society, there is already to much stress and too much going on to let your work space cloud your mind with more distractions. Let One and Done relieve some of that stress while you create a more open and creative space.