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  • What Items Need Climate Controlled, Indoor Storage?

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    Musical instruments, electronics, delicate clothing, leather furniture, antique furniture, appliances, artwork, and photos are some of the main items that need climate controlled storage. Consider what items you plan to store when deciding what type of storage unit to rent . Certain items need to be stored in an air conditioned unit to prevent damage. Keep reading to learn how climate controlled self storage can protect fragile items.

    Musical Instruments Need Indoor Storage

    Always store instruments, such as violins, guitars, cellos, pianos and more, in an air conditioned and dehumidified storage unit. Wooden instruments are particularly sensitive to heat and humidity. An indoor storage space can also help to prevent corrosion on metal instruments, such as trumpets and saxophones.

    Musical instruments are a pricey investment that will last for many years if properly cared for. The right type of self storage can help you favorite instrument last a lifetime.


    Computers, TV’s, game systems, and other electronics need to be in a stable environment to protect the components inside each device. Extreme temperatures can cause computer hard drives to be wiped.

    Delicate Clothing

    Fur, lace, silk, wool, and other fragile materials must be stored in a climate controlled unit to avoid damage. Wedding dresses and other garments that you want to hold on to also belong in air conditioned storage. Wool coats and feather hats will look their best when they are stored indoors. Climate controlled storage will also help to prevent mold and mildew from forming on your clothes.

    Leather and Antique Furniture

    Be sure to place leather and vintage furniture in an indoor storage space. Use a leather conditioner to keep your sofa in mint condition. Use a wood furniture polish on antique wooden furniture. Humidity and heat can cause leather furniture to crack and become discolored. Wooden furniture can warp or rot in the presence of extreme conditions.


    Appliances can easily run from several hundred dollars to a few thousand. Whether you need to store home appliances for a rental house or because of a personal relocation, it’s important to take the proper precautions when storing these items.

    Large fluctuations in temperature can damage the electrical components in washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more. Don’t miss this extra step! Thoroughly clean and dry appliances that use water, such as washers and fridges. Leave the doors of these home appliances partially open to allow air to flow through them.

    Artwork and Photos

    Store old family photos in photo albums or photo boxes within a dehumidified storage. Label the albums or boxes with the year that the photos were taken and the category. When printed photos are exposed to high temperatures, they can fade or deteriorate.

    Any drastic changes in temperature and humidity can affect the vividness of paintings. Cracks, flakes, and fading can develop with prolonged exposure to heat. Moisture can also affect the condition of canvas paintings. The best way to keep photos and artwork safe is to place them in a climate controlled self storage unit.

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