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  • How to Use Halloween and Thanksgiving Storage to Store Seasonal Items

    Halloween and Thanksgiving Storage | Louisville, KY

    Use Halloween and Thanksgiving Storage for Seasonal Items

    It’s the fall season, and Halloween and Thanksgiving will soon be here! If you currently have Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving decorations in your self storage space, it’s time to take them out of the unit and bring them home. Even if you have stored these items in your storage unit in the past, we have some tips to help keep seasonal décor in excellent shape all year round.

    Store Costumes in an Air Conditioned Storage Unit

    If you make your own costume every year, you know how time-consuming the process is. Preserve your costume and all your hard work by storing it in an air conditioned storage space. Headpieces, swords, and other handmade accessories should also remain in the stable environment of a climate controlled storage unit. Any props that use glue to hold them together should be kept out of the heat to prevent the glue from melting. The prop could fall apart if it isn’t kept an indoor area.

    It’s best not to store fragile costumes in your home closet or dresser, in order to prevent damage. Instead, use your storage unit as you costume closet to keep garments safe from rips, tears, and being crushed. Place a rolling clothing rack in your storage unit to hang delicate costumes rather than putting them in a box.

    Keep Electronic and Light-Up Decorations in Climate Controlled Storage

    Many Halloween decorations are electrical. Outdoor motion sensor decorations, inflatables for your front lawn, decorative lights, and other electronic seasonal items need to be kept in a climate controlled storage unit to protect the electrical components of the decorations. You don’t want these items to be ruined by heat or moisture.

    Place Natural Thanksgiving Décor in Indoor, Halloween and Thanksgiving Storage

    Turkeys, squirrels, deer, and other animals made out of straw or other natural fibers are becoming increasingly popular Thanksgiving decorations. Straw harvest wreaths and wheat décor can break apart if not properly cared for. To prevent these objects from deteriorating over time, store them in an inside storage unit.

    Clean Your Dinnerware

    If you store your belongings with One and Done Self Storage in Louisville, KY, you can take advantage of our complimentary, professional pest control service to keep your unit free of bugs. However, leaving traces of food on dinnerware can still attract pests to your storage unit. Be sure to thoroughly clean candy bowls, Thanksgiving dinner platters, and wine glasses before placing these items in storage.

    Wrap Decorations with Bubble Wrap

    Individually wrap each glass, plate, or bowl with bubble wrap or use a dish packing kit for protection. Glass or ceramic figurines and decorations must be protected from scratches, breakage, and dust. Protect these items with multiple layers of packing paper and place them in a sturdy cardboard box. Label each box with the type of decoration that is inside and a short description to make it easier to find the item in the future.

    One and Done Self Storage is your local Louisville self storage solution for every season of the year and of life, including Halloween and Thanksgiving storage. Visit us 7 days a week to learn about our secure, air conditioned and conventional storage units or rent a unit online directly from our website!