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    85 degree weather and sunny days are here to stay for summer. The kiddos are out for summer break and it’s time to plan your summer vacations. Will you be playing in the sand at the beach, roaming the mountains to go camping, or venturing out to your local pool to hang out and relax? Whatever your vacation-choice may be, it’s out with the winter gear and in with the boats, RVs, and swim gear for some fun in the sun! Investing in a self storage unit can help you have the best 3 months before we head back into the colder months of the year. Here are three ways that One and Done Self Storage can help you de-stress and increase the fun you will have over summer.

    1. 1. RV Storage:
      With July and August coming up, camping trips are at their peak. Time to pull out your RV and get it ready for summer road trips! However, we know that parking your RV on the street might hit a wrong chord with your next door neighbors. To keep things running smoothly, feel free to park your RV at One and Done Self Storage in between road trips and camping trips. Free up your driveway space to give your home a “welcoming” feel from the outside.
    2. 2. Store Away Winter Gear:
      Nothing is worse than clutter in your home during the hot summer months. Clear up your home space and decrease your home stress by storing away all of your winter gear until you need it again for next winter season. Here is a list of things you can get out of the home to free up both your home and your mind:
    3. – Sleds
      – Skis and snowboards
      – Winter tires
      – Snow jackets and pants
      – Hats, gloves, and snow boots
      – Shovels

    4. 3. Boat Storage:
      June through August is prime-time boating season. Water skiing and tubing, anyone? Boats are another big vehicle that are an annoyance to park in your front driveway. Our storage facility can provide you a location to store your boat in between weekend boating trips. When summer is all completed, a spot will be open for your boat and it can be stored safely until the next boating season.

    Always feel free to stop by our storage facility to see how else we can help you have fun in the sun this summer. We hope to see you soon!