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  • How to Store Holiday Decorations in a Christmas Storage Space

    Christmas Storage Space

    The Christmas season is upon us, without a doubt. From decorating the house to planning holiday trips to cooking a big meal for the family, December is oftentimes a month that comes and goes before you know it. Before long, it’ll be time to take all of the Christmas decorations down and find a place to store them until next year. Instead of trying to make room in your home for the special décor, why not use a secure Christmas storage space to keep your holiday items safe?

    Bubble Wrap is Your Friend

    Many Christmas items, including ornaments, dinner platters, figurines, and wine glasses, are very fragile and need the right amount of protection. Be sure to use enough bubble wrap when wrapping up these objects before placing them in your self storage unit. It’s also a great idea to use packing peanuts to fill in the empty space in boxes that contain fragile items. This will prevent the delicate decorations from shifting, which can them more susceptible to breaking, while in the packing box.

    Christmas ornaments can be kept in their original boxes. Just use the appropriate amount of packing paper, foam peanuts, or bubble wrap if you will have several boxes of ornaments within the same cardboard box or plastic storage container.

    Keep Lights From Getting Tangled

    Most veteran Christmas decorators know how difficult it can be to keep strings of lights organized and tangle-free. We have a storage tip for you. Wrapping the lights around a spool or light organizer can keep them free of tangles. Tape the end of a set of lights to the spool so you know where it begins. Use a different spool for each string of lights if possible, to avoid confusion and tangles.

    Label Every Box Before Using a Christmas Storage Space

    Make sure to label every box of Christmas decorations. Label the box with the type of décor and whether the items inside it are fragile. This will help you to easily find the decor you are looking for when it comes time to take your decorations out of storage and put them back in your house again next year. Marking the boxes as fragile can prevent you from accidentally dropping, kicking, stacking, or stepping on breakable holiday items.

    How to Store a Christmas Tree and Wreath

    A Christmas tree is one of the most difficult holiday items to store due to its bulky size. Breaking it down and storing various parts of the tree in the same container or in other boxes nearby can help.

    Avoid trying to stuff the tree back in its original box. This method oftentimes leads to a frustrating, yet comical situation and the need for several family members to hold down the tree while someone else tries to close the box! Use a durable plastic storage container to protect your tree.

    Consider color coding your storage containers or boxes. Red and green Christmas themed storage containers are available for this purpose. If you will need multiple containers or boxes to store your tree, number the boxes with “1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.” so you know how many boxes there are in the set.

    Special doughnut-shaped storage containers can keep your Christmas wreath in tip top shape and prevent the wreath from getting crushed. You can find these specialty storage containers during the holiday season.

    One and Done Self Storage can help you store your holiday decorations all year round in a convenient and secure unit. Visit our Units Available page to view affordable, Christmas storage space and complete your rental online!