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  • Boat Storage Space for Weather Changes

    Boat Storage Space | Louisville, KY

    Some places in the country have already seen snow, and boat owners all over the USA have had to put up their boats and jet skis until next season. Here in Kentucky, we’ve already experienced the rainy season, which tends to put a damper on boating, so get ready to put a tarp over your water toys for the year. This brings up the question of what to do with these boats and jet skis.

    Even if your yard is big enough, why would you just leave your boat unattended in the yard? In a yard, boats are more likely to be scratched by people or pets nearby. It could even be open to theft, especially as the holidays approach and many people are away from their homes for longer periods of time.

    Chances are, your boat or jet ski was not cheap, and therefore you have a special interest in storing it properly and not letting it fall victim to possible theft or damage. So why would you consider storage for your boat?

    Large scale items like boats, jet skis, and RV’s tend to make yards look cramped or junky. Keep your landscaping beautiful and don’t cramp up your yard with this equipment. Self storage units and storage solutions are meant for items that you treasure, but want to store specially.

    Keep it safe!

    Our storage facility has security and your equipment will always be watched. Enjoy the set it and forget it mentality! Plus, we offer a well-lit facility and security cameras so that your boat stays secure in a facility specially designed for it.

    Keep it in its own area away from damage

    Maybe you were thinking of just keeping your boat in the driveway, but in that case, it could be subject to damage from door dings, scratches from people walking by, or even theft. Sure, you may think it would be difficult to steal a boat out of a driveway, but the holidays are coming up and you may be out of town for a while, giving criminals plenty of time to take your boat away. A boat storage space is the right place to keep your favorite outdoor toy safe.

    Out of sight, out of mind

    Maybe your favorite memories this year happened on the boat and if you were to see it everyday covered in snow, that may make you sad and long to be on the water. If you store a boat safely at our storage facility then you don’t have to worry about seeing it everyday and when you’re ready to get on the water again, just come and pick it up! Think: boat daycare!

    Secure Boat Storage Space

    When you store your boat you ensure that each season you finish using it, you can have a safe and professional place to store it until the next time you take your friends and family out on the water. In fact, you don’t have to wait until the season ends. You can store the boat after every use, and come and get it anytime you want it.

    Let One and Done Self Storage help you with your boat storage space needs. Contact us today!