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  • The 5 Love Languages of Moving

    People fascinate over personality tests and love when a resource aids them in self-discovery. One of the most popular tests is in “The Five Love Languages.” This book outlines five ways to express and experience love, each person having a primary and secondary “language.”

    One of the last places you expect to show love is during a big move. The process of moving can be incredibly stressful and often brings out the worst in people. Not to worry, we are here to help!

    If you know someone who is moving, ask how you can help them and let this list be your guide. If you are the one moving, highlight your love language and send it out to your loved ones as a *cough* subtle gesture.


  • 1. Words of Affirmation

    Moving is stressful and the last person anyone wants around is a “Negative Nancy.” Provide your loved one with encouragement when they’re feeling overwhelmed. If they get discouraged, remind them of how far they’ve come. If they get tired, crank up an encouraging playlist. Words of affirmation is all about giving off good vibes. Make sure that your loved one hears your support and not your complaints. Similarly, if you hear someone else complaining, politely tell them to knock it off.

  • 2. Quality Time

    In regards to moving, this language might overlap with “acts of service.” However, there are some ways that they differ. If your loved one values quality time, the simple act of “being present” means a lot to them. As moving day approaches, coordinate a “wine and pack” night. You can keep them company and assist them with the overwhelming task of packing. They won’t have to worry about FOMO (aka the “fear of missing out”) either because you’ve now incorporated spending time together with productivity!

  • 3. Receiving Gifts

    When moving, the last thing someone wants is another thing to add to their overflowing pile of stuff. If your loved one is moving into a new place, consider gifting them something practical like a “moving-day kit.” Fill a clear container with all of the usual supplies (i.e. packing tape, sharpies, scissors, post-it notes) and items they probably wouldn’t think to include (i.e. hand-sanitizer, gum, water bottle, phone charger). You could also bake them cookies or have a pizza delivered to their home after a long day of moving!

  • 4. Acts of Service

    If your loved one is an “Acts of Service” person, oh nelly! You’ve hit the jackpot in this situation! There is never a shortage of tasks when it comes to moving and you have plenty of opportunities to show you care. From packing up fine china to driving a moving van through 5 o’clock traffic, there’s options for everyone! Volunteer to assist them with the jobs they’re least looking forward to. This will be of most value to them and take a weight of anxiety off their chest.

  • 5. Physical Touch

    Initially, this may seem like the hardest language to speak when it comes to moving. However, you really only need to know one thing. When it doubt, hug it out!