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  • 4 Tips For A Secure Storage Unit

    Secure Storage Unit | Louisville, KY

    The safety of your belongings is a top concern for you, as the tenant, and the facility that you chose to store with. You want your items to remain in mint condition throughout the time that they are in storage and for your unit to be protected. Follow these tips when determining the best self storage facility to store your belongings at and throughout your storage rental lease.

  • Choose a Safe Facility

  • The first step to making sure your items are secure is to find the right storage facility that has your best interests and safety in mind. Pick a state-of-the-art facility that has top notch security features, such as recorded video surveillance, well-lit aisles and buildings, electronic gate and building access with a security code, 24-Hour DVR surveillance and perimeter fencing around the entire self storage facility. A facility with these components is in the proper position to safeguard your valuables.

  • Store Valuable Items In the Back of the Your Secure Storage Unit

  • Another tip that can help to protect your belongings from theft is to place your valuables in the back of your storage unit. In the extremely rare and highly unlikely event that your self storage unit is broken into, storing important items in the rear part of the unit will make it less likely for thieves to find those belongings. Be sure to store items, such as electronics, jewelry, documents, family heirlooms, collectibles, certain metals and valuable art, in a safe location within your secure storage unit.

  • Invest in a Strong Lock

  • Making sure that you have a lock on the door of your self storage unit may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important mention, nonetheless. Having a lock on your storage unit is an affordable and easy way to protect your belongings. Choose a tamper resistant cylinder lock for securing your storage unit. A strong lock will provide excellent protection for your belongings.

  • Be Aware of What You Store In Your Unit

  • Storing items that are flammable, combustible, or toxic in your storage unit isn’t a safe decision. These items can include gasoline, propane gas, chemicals, motor oil, paint, acids, cleaners and more. Keeping these items in your unit along with other acceptable belongings puts your other possessions at risk for being damaged or destroyed. It is important to double check what items you place in your secure storage unit as you move-in and along the way during the time of your storage lease, just to be sure a hazardous item wasn’t accidentally placed in the unit.


    The management and staff at One and Done Storage work hard to make sure that every tenant has a safe and pleasant self storage experience. Our storage facility is equipped with the most state-of-the-art safety features to protect you and your belongings 24 hours a day. We offer clean and affordable air conditioned and standard self storage units in Louisville, KY for business and personal use. Contact us to start renting a storage unit today!