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  • 4 Storage Benefits That You Should Know

    Getting Rid of Clutter

    Do you ever look at your home and realize that you don’t use about half the items in your space? Do you also look at these items and recognize that many of them still hold sentimental value? This is where the first major benefit of using a unit comes in handy. Make a list of all your  “clutter” items in your home. This can include furniture, baby clothing, keepsake items from your childhood, older dishes, electronics you wish to sell, and more. You will be surprised when you notice how much you don’t actually need in your home. After putting these items into a storage space, I bet your home will already feel fresh and tidy!


    Craigslist Anyone?

    You may also have items that are not necessary to keep and you know that you want to get rid of them. Depending on what you are selling, you may be able to sell such things for a decent price (can you say steak dinner for two this weekend?).  A great idea is to put aside your old bed frame or whatever it may be into a facility. You may be using craigslist or you may be using another site, but when the time comes to sell your valuables, you can simply get into your unit to get what is needed out to bring back home. Remember, One and Done Self Storage offers 24/7 gate access.


    Ease Household Changes

    Often times there are changes within a home that leave you needing to move or leave a bunch of extra items within your home that are no longer needed. Your child may be moving out to go to college, you might be going through a divorce, or maybe you are moving to a different home.


    Convenience and Freedom

    We have said it before and we will say it again. By storing your items in a unit, convenience in your life is significantly increased. Reasons for storage, RV storage, commercial storage, and residential storage all vary. Regardless of your reason for renting with a storage facility, the common ground is that storage units all increase your freedom of daily activities. Once getting your items into storage, you are able to get them back and put them away as you please. At One and Done Self Storage, we have all ground level storage with roll-up doors to make receiving your items that much easier.