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  • 3 Tips For Storing Winter Items in Your Storage Unit

    Summer is here! It’s time to take your summer clothing and equipment out of your self storage unit! Making room in your storage rental and knowing how to store winter items can be a challenge. The experts at One and Done Self Storage know what it takes to organize your self storage unit and store your personal winter belongings. 


    1.Clean Winter Clothes Before Putting Them In Storage


    Think of your self storage unit as your rotating seasonal closet that allows you to have more space in your home for other belongings. Always be sure to thoroughly clean all clothing before placing them in your storage unit. Winter coats and other accessories, such as those made of wool, may need to be dry cleaned to prevent damage to the material and shrinkage. This is also the perfect time to remove stains from clothing prior to storing them in your unit.


    2. Organize Winter Garments


    Winter Storage | Louisville, KY

    Winter Storage | Louisville, KY

    Zip up the zippers on jackets so that they are easier to fold. Clothing can be stored in a variety of ways within your secure self storage unit. Cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, garment bags, large plastic containers and empty suitcases are perfect for keeping your clothing organized. Labeling each container or box with the contents that it stores is especially important and can save you time in the future when you need to access your unit.

    Delicate clothing should be hung on a clothing rack to prevent damage. A climate controlled self storage unit is perfect for fur coats and other fragile fabrics that are sensitive to large temperature changes. Placing an empty wine bottle into your boots can keep them upright while storage. It is also smart to use mothballs or cedar wood in your individual storage unit, in addition to choosing a self storage facility that offers free professional pest control.


    3. Group Similar Items Together


    Winter Equipment Storage in Louisville, KYStoring like items together in your self storage unit will make the belongings much easier to find in the future. Outdoor winter sports equipment, such as snowboards, poles, sleds, ice skates, hockey equipment and skis, can be stored all together. Storing snow gear in an air conditioned and dehumidified unit can help protect the laminate on skis and snowboards. Shovels, salt for driveways and sidewalks, rakes, snow blowers and other outdoor tools can be stored alongside each other. These items may be difficult to store in your home or garage, which is where convenient self storage comes in.

    Another method of storing winter items is to group the objects according to the person that they belong to. Each member of the family can have a section in the unit to store their belongings. Placing shelves in the storage unit helps with this type of organization.



    One and Done Self Storage is a professionally managed, secure storage facility in Louisville, KY that offers air conditioned, dehumidified, heated and standard units for personal and business use. Whether you need storage for just one season or all year round, One and Done has an affordable solution for you. Month to month short term rentals, no deposits required and AutoPay are available for your flexibility. Contact us today or visit our facility 7 days a week to start storing with us!