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  • 3 Tips For Back To School Storage

    School Storage | Louisville, KY

    It’s back to school time! As students, teachers, and parents get ready for the new school year, we would love to share a few of the ways that school storage can help you stay organized.

    1. School Storage For College Students

    College students across the country are getting ready to start college for the first time or go back to their studies. Whether you already live in Louisville, KY or are planning on moving here for college, self storage can help students gain more space for their belongings. Dorms, apartments, and private room rentals may provide limited room for your personal items. If you have a lot of furniture, clothing, outdoor equipment, and more, it may be difficult to fit all of your belongings in your living space.

    There are several self storage options that can help college students with their storage needs. A climate controlled storage unit offers a safe place to store temperature sensitive items, such as electronics, delicate clothing, leather furniture, and much more. Conventional self storage is an affordable solution that is available in a variety of unit sizes.

    School storage isn’t limited to personal belongings. You can store your car too! Students that are bringing their car with them to college can take advantage of vehicle storage in the local area. Vehicle parking spaces can save students money on pricey and, at times, restrictive, parking passes each semester.


    Store Teaching Supplies

    Small storage units, such as 5 x 5 sizes, are perfect for teachers that need to store teaching materials and supplies for the school year. Placing shelves or dressers in the storage unit can help teachers keep their supplies organized. Our very affordable self storage rentals make it easy for teaching professionals to store supplies all year round. Month to month rentals are also available for teachers that need a place to store materials over school breaks.

    3. Keep School Mementos and Sports Equipment Safe

    Saving school projects, artwork, and other mementos is very important to some parents. Moms and dads want a safe place to keep their child’s projects and schoolwork to cherish school memories. An air conditioned and dehumidified self storage unit can preserve every drawing and school assignment that parents want to hold on to.

    If your child is involved in after school sports, a secure self storage unit can provide your family with a place to store bulky sports equipment, such as team uniforms, baseball bats, football helmets and pads, tennis rackets, and much more. Certain types of sports equipment may be too big or cumbersome to store at your home or apartment. Convenient self storage is here to help with all of your back to school needs.


    One and Done Self Storage in Louisville, KY has everything you need to store your back to school items. Whether you need to store a vehicle, school supplies, sports equipment, or other belongings, you’ll find affordable rates and top notch security at One and Done, off of Jefferson Blvd. We offer 24/7 online rentals on our website, online bill pay and Auto-Pay for stress-free self storage.