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  • 10 Tips to Make Moving a Breeze

    Make Sure you’re Prepared For The Big Move

    From the beginning of May right up until Labor day weekend marks the busiest moving season of the years. New home owners are popping up left and right. One and Done Self Storage wants to do what we can to help your moving experience, whether you are using our facility or not. Good luck to you!

    • Get started on your packing as early as possible. Anyone who has moved their home before knows that moving always takes way longer than expected, especially if you didn’t plan ahead and get organized. Think about starting your packing 1-2 months ahead of time.
    • Use storage supplies to make your life easier. Put items from the same rooms in the same, corresponding boxes. You can buy all types of storage supplies at our storage facility here in Louisville, Kentucky.
    • As you are putting your valuables into boxes, make sure to label each one! Label all sides also. When you are moving boxes into your new home, it will be a breeze to know which room it needs to go in.
    • Cover your wooden furniture with padding or blankets. In any length of move, wood furniture always tends to scratch and chip easily. Do yourself a favor and make sure all your wood is covered before placing these items into a self storage unit or a moving truck.
    • Use a storage unit to ease your transition. You may be trying to get a head start on your packing by getting boxes out of the house or you may be in between homes. In either case, a self storage unit can help significantly in easing the transition.
    • Keep everyone in your “moving party” happy. Drink plenty of water on moving day and take lunch or snack breaks when needed. If your helpers don’t stay happy, the day will go by way slower.
    • Protect your lamps and other lighted items by removing the light bulbs. That is an easy way to save yourself trouble.
    • Take your irreplaceable items in the car with you. You may be getting a moving truck depending on the amount of items you are moving. If that’s the case, keep your special things such as family photos, keepsake items, or a special china set in your car to prevent loss or damage.
    • Here is another easy tip that makes storage and unpacking much easier. Store your lighter items in bigger boxes and your heavier items in smaller boxes to avoid straining your back on a huge, heavy box.
    • Before you do anything, use a checklist to guide you through your storage and moving process. You can check items off the list as you go and hopefully when move-in day comes around, the last checkbox is completed!