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  • 10 RV Tips To Prepare For Your Summer Road Trip

    RV Tips | Louisville, KY

    One and Done Self Storage’s RV Tips

    Summer is a popular season for many folks around the country to make their travel plans and hit the open road. If you plan on taking your RV on a cross country trip or a road trip within your state, there are a few important RV tips that you should follow to prevent your vehicle from breaking down while you are on the road.


    1. Change the Oil

    Changing the oil in your RV is not only an essential part of regular vehicle maintenance, it is especially important to do this before you hit the interstate. Fresh oil will help to keep your engine lubricated so it can perform at its peak.


    2. Fill the Gas Tank

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but starting your road trip with a full tank of gas will save you the hassle of stopping and finding a gas station while on the road. Depending on where you are traveling to, gas stations may be few and far between.


    3. Check Your Tires

    Making sure that your tires are full of air, balanced, and rotated is the right way to start your road trip.Be sure to carry a spare tire with you at all times. Check to make sure that your tires aren’t frayed or balding. If the tread is low on your tires, now is the time to replace them, not after you start your vacation.


    4. Check for Leaks

    Leaks can cause major problems with your vehicle if they are not repaired within a reasonable timeframe. It is best to perform all the necessary maintenance and repairs prior to beginning your road trip. It wouldn’t be fun to spend part of your vacation at the mechanic and have an unexpected expense.


    5. Make Sure the Brakes are Working

    The importance of well-working brakes can’t be emphasized enough. If your RV has trouble stopping during rainstorms and on hills, this can become a serious safety issue. Check the vehicle’s manual to determine when it is time to get new brake pads.


    6. Check the Battery and Lights

    Be sure to check your headlights, turn signal lights, and tail lights to make sure they aren’t burned out. Test your vehicle’s battery and replace it if necessary before you begin your journey.


    7. Check the Freon Level

    No one wants to be stuck in a vehicle in the summer without air conditioning. If your vehicle needs more freon for the air conditioner, add it according to the owner manual’s instructions.  


    8. Check and Replace the Wiper Blades

    Out of all our RV tips, this one is oftentimes the most overlooked. New windshield wiper blades can help you to have better visibility when you are driving through the rain. Old windshield wipers may not get enough rain off of your windshield and can create a safety hazard.


    9. Get Roadside Assistance

    Even if your RV is in prime condition, you never know what could happen while you’re on the road. Roadside assistance can give you peace of mind so that you know there is someone that can help you if you need it. Whether you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or need a tow truck to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic, this service can come in handy when you least expect it and when you need it the most.


    10. Plan for RV Storage

    It is imperative to think about where you will keep your RV until the next time that you can use it. This is something to consider even before you start your road trip. Choose a secure self storage facility with an electronic gate with access code, recorded video surveillance, and perimeter security fencing. Month to month vehicle storage rentals can give you the necessary flexibility, so you can store your RV during the months that it won’t be in use. With these RV tips, you’re vehicle will be in great shape all year long.


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