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  • 10 Interesting Self Storage Facts

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    10 Interesting Self Storage Facts

    #1: In the U.S., 65% of self-storage renters have a garage in their home, 47% have an attic, and 33 percent have a basement.

    #2: More than $3.5 billion in property taxes have been paid to local government authorities by self-storage companies.

    #3: Self-storage facilities in the U.S. have employed more than 170,000 persons which averages 3.5 employees per facility.

    #4: In 2015, 90% of self-storage units nationwide were occupied, leaving only 10% vacant.

    #5: In 2014, there were nearly 48,500 primary self-storage facilities in the country. That’s an average of nearly 900 per state.

    #6: An average of 4,000 of these are multi-story facilities. Many companies value building up.

    #7: 52% of the nation’s self-storage facilities are located in the suburbs. 32% are in cities, and only 16% are in rural areas.

    #8: Every American could stand under the rooftop of every self-storage facility at the same time.

    #9: 8.96% of American households currently rent a self-storage unit.

    #10: Combine three Manhattan islands, and that’s less than the country’s total self-storage rentable space.


    *Thanks to Brute Storage out of San Francisco, CA for the information (from their website)

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